VIDEO: Man Pops Question With AMAZING Musical Proposal Thanks To Marry Me

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Marry Me Proposal Video

By Daniel Gates


Marry Me Proposal Video


Bret wanted to marry Jovan, the girl of his dreams.

NBC helped him out by orchestrating an unbelievable real-life marriage proposal to help promote the upcoming fictional series “Marry Me.”

Jovan was led to believe she was just meeting a friend for a casual outdoor lunch.

That’s when things got weird (and romantic).

A number of dancers — along with friends and family — surprised Jovan by performing an elaborate lip-sync of the song “Geronimo” by the band Sheppard.

Jovan was already emotional, even before Bret arrived and hit her with this doozy: “Every bone in my body, every breath in my lungs, wants to spend the rest of my life with you… It would be my honor if you’d marry me. Will you marry me, Jovan?”

Spoiler alert: She said yes.

Check out the video below!


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