Marlon Wayans: Antidepressants May Have Caused Robin Williams Suicide (VIDEO)

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Marlon Wayans Robin Williams Antidepressants

By Daniel Gates



Marlon Wayans believes antidepressants may have caused Robin Williams suicide.

“I think there’s something in these medicines that people are taking for depression that’s making them depressed and making them commit suicide,” Wayans tells Fusion.

He continues, “I swear, I don’t think it’s depression. I think it’s chemical. There’s some kind of antidepressant drug that they’re taking that’s causing them to have visions and making them kill themselves.”

“There’s drugs out there — if you take it, and if you’re of certain descent — it will make you a little crazy,” adds the comedian. “I just feel like it’s chemical.”

Wayans says, “I don’t think it’s just him going, ‘Hey, I’m going to slit my wrist and choke myself.’ I mean, I just think there’s something else that’s in there… He was such a joyful dude.”

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