Mama June’s Sex Offender Boyfriend Mark McDaniel Gets Kicked Off Facebook

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Mark McDaniel Facebook

By Michael Lewittes

Mark McDaniel Facebook


Mark McDaniel, “Mama” June Shannon’s boyfriend and the man who spent 10 years behind bars for sexually assaulting her daughter Anna Cardwell, has been kicked off Facebook because of its policy towards sex offenders, Gossip Cop confirms. McDaniel’s account was active until Tuesday when his profile was removed by Facebook. Prior to being booted off Facebook, McDaniel had posts from friends welcoming him back home after being prison, as well as a profile photo of him holding his baby granddaughter (see right).

Facebook has very specific rules about sex offenders. The social media site says, “Convicted sex offenders are not allowed to use Facebook,” and asks that other account holders file a report “if you’ve encountered an account that may belong to a convicted sex offender.” Before kicking someone off, Facebook requires that people provide one of several forms of documentation, including a “link to a listing in a national sex offender registry” or a “link to an online news article” about the person. According to Facebook, “Once we’re able to verify someone’s status as a sex offender, we immediately disable their account and remove all the information associated with it from Facebook.”

As Gossip Cop reported, McDaniel forced a then eight-year-old Cardwell to perform oral sex on him. Astoundingly, Shannon has reunited with McDaniel and repeatedly lied about being with him again. We only hope that for Shannon’s minor children she gives the sex offender the boot, like Facebook did.

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