MAG: Kelly Ripa “Fuming” Over Mark Consuelos’ “Other Woman” Yara Martinez

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(National Enquirer)

By Michael Lewittes

(National Enquirer)

Kelly Ripa is furious over the ‘other woman’ her husband Mark Consuelos has been hooking up with in erotic scenes on his new Internet TV show,” begins the cover story of this week’s National Enquirer. According to a supposed “insider” for the tabloid, “Mark can’t stop talking about” his “Alpha House” co-star Yara Martinez.

And? The tab then goes on to recount the details from some sexy scenes from the sitcom in which Consuelos and Martinez play a couple. And? The magazine’s alleged “insider” is then quoted as saying, “Mark and Yara are pretty hot together… but he’s got to remember he’s also ‘Mr. Kelly Ripa’ and better watch his step.” Yeah, nice phony sounding quote.

Still devoid of any real dirt, the Enquirer even resorts to asking a “relationship expert” about what could happen between two people who do sex scenes together. And? Bizarrely, the tabloid includes that it “reported in 2007 that Kelly was worried Mark’s job on the NBC dating show ‘Age of Love’ would doom their marriage,” and that later that year the mag also “revealed that Kelly had exploded and threatened divorce after learning Mark had been flirting outrageously in New Mexico with another beautify Latina, actress Nadine Velazquez, while filming the cable TV movie, ‘Husband for Hire.'”

Wait, why would the Enquirer mention how WRONG they were, and have continued to be over time about Ripa and Consuelos’ relationship? Anyway, the magazine then trumpets that Martinez and Consuelos have even been “exchanging Tweets.” Wow, they’ve been sending each other innocuous, public messages?! Still, the tab pushes on with it’s off-base report, stating that even though Ripa seems to be supporting her husband and his new show “behind the scenes, Kelly is fuming. Her attitude is ‘hands off my man — or there will be hell to pay!'” Even though there isn’t one single shred to back up claim that Consuelos and Martinez are “hooking up” in real-life, Gossip Cop check with a rep for Ripa, who the tab said was “fuming.” Guess what? Ripa’s rep tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer story is “Total fabricated bullsh*t. It is all made up.”

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National Enquirer

Kelly Ripa is fuming over Mark Consuelos’ other woman.

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