CLAIM: Mariah Carey & Randy Jackson To Manage Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Career

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By Michael Lewittes

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Whitney Houstons daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown is being prepped for music stardom,” reports RadarOnline, adding that Mariah Carey and former “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson “have quietly decided to help pilot her music career.” According to a so-called “source” for the webloid, “Randy has decided he wants to make a full court press to help Bobbi Kristina become a star – and Mariah told him she wanted in, too!” Gossip Cop is told the entire story is untrue, but more about that in a bit.

“Mariah would love to step in and provide mentoring to BK because she and Randy have been so close and even worked together on last season’s American Idol. They have years of music experience between them and will share all their knowledge with Bobbi Kristina,” adds the alleged insider, who apparently can’t decide when making up quotes whether to call the young woman “Bobbi Kristina” or “BK.”

The story goes on and on about how Jackson wants to get Bobbi Kristina “on the pop charts in under 12 months,” but it doesn’t really matter because the entire story is made up. Carey has already said the rumor is untrue in a radio interview, and a source close to Jackson also confirms to Gossip Cop that the claim is entirely fabricated.

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Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson will manage Bobbi Kristina Brown’s career.

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