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Mariah Carey Victim of Death Hoax

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By Daniel Gates


Mariah Carey is the victim of a major death hoax spreading rapidly thanks to a number of prank Twitter messages.

The singer was falsely said to have been “found dead” in tweets attributed to @BET, @TMZ, @CNN__TV and other outlets.

It is 100% false.

Carey is alive and well.

In the case of the supposed “CNN” report, the Twitter alert was sent via a totally fake account that’s not affiliated with the real CNN — and has since been deactivated.

The @BET and @TMZ “tweets” were never actually sent by those organizations.

In actuality, random users just falsely “retweeted” messages made to look like they came from those legit sources.

It’s a sick, completely bogus story.

Gossip Cop hopes these death hoaxes die out soon.

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