Maria Menounos Attacked At Airport, Tells Gossip Cop: “Thank God We’re Fine”

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Maria Menounos Attacked

By Shari Weiss


Maria Menounos Attacked

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Maria Menounos was attacked at New York’s JFK airport on Thursday morning, leaving her uninjured but her car vandalized.


She tells Gossip Cop of the bizarre incident, “We are fine, thank god. No clue what happened. Car has a camera but don’t think it recorded. Just so odd… Doesn’t make any sense!”

Indeed, the circumstances sound pretty perplexing. The E! personality and pal Dimitris Giannetos, a stylist, were in the vehicle leaving the airport when “all of a sudden we heard an explosion.”

“I thought we were being shot at so I told everyone, ‘We’re being shot at! Put your heads down!’ And everyone put their heads down,” she tells Us Weekly.

Menounos goes on, “We waited a second and we didn’t hear another shot, so I lifted my head up and turned around, and the whole back window was shattered and gone, not even a stitch of glass was left.”

A nearby cop apparently missed the incident, but looking at the damage, the former “Extra” host says a tire iron was found, “so either someone ran back and smashed the back of the window and ran and nobody saw [them], or someone was in close proximity and threw it through the back window.”

Menounos posted an Instagram clip taken at the scene in the aftermath (see below), writing, “Crazy morning….@giannetos ended up with glass shattered all over him.someone threw a tire wrench through our window!everyone is ok-thnk for well wishes:) time to go to work!”

Wow. Very scary.

Gossip Cop is relieved to hear Menounos was not harmed.

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