Mama June Shannon Investigated By Child Services, Says Honey Boo Boo’s Grandma

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June Shannon Child Services Investigation

By Shari Weiss


June Shannon Child Services Investigation

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Mama June Shannon is under investigation by child services, according to her mother, Sandra Hale. Hale tells “Entertainment Tonight” that she was contacted by officials on Wednesday seeking information about Shannon’s seemingly renewed romance with the same man who molested her then-8-year-old daughter, Anna.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Mark McDaniel spent 10 years in prison for aggravated child molestation after the sexual assault, which took place while he was dating Shannon. Since his release in March, the pair have reportedly rekindled their relationship. While Shannon has denied seeing him at all, photos have proven otherwise, including one recent picture in which McDaniel is touching Shannon’s youngest and most famous daughter, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.

Hale says to”ET” of her meeting with investigators, “The only thing I can tell you is that I said to please look into it carefully and closely. They assured me they would.” Hale also reveals she was the one who contacted the authorities when Anna was molested more than a decade ago. “I took her to the police department and filed the charges on her behalf because she was a minor. I was looking out for her best interests and I wasn’t going to let this go away,” she says.

Hale says of McDaniel, “What my reaction was is I wanted to kill him.” As for Shannon, with whom she’s estranged, Hale says her daughter was “in denial” then, and believes she still is now. “Pictures don’t lie, as far as I’m concerned. And now here he is, a slap in the face to Anna, and to me.”

That leaves Hale especially concerned for 9-year-old Alana. “The reason I say that is because that’s about the same age he likes. [It’s the same age] he messed with Anna,” she tells “ET.”

Anna participated in her own “ET” interview this week, in which she broke down crying when asked what she would do if she and McDaniel came face to face. “I would look at him in disgust and spit in his face and say, ‘You f*cking leave or I’m gonna call the cops. You’re not supposed to be here, because you know what you did,'” she said angrily.

Anna, too, is worried about her little sister. She said, “The only thing I have to say for Alana is: Don’t get too close. Don’t get too attached. Don’t be all lovey-dovey on him because you never know what will happen.”

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