Jeff Daniels: Mama June Shannon Still In Dumb and Dumber To (VIDEO)

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Mama June Dumb and Dumber To

By Daniel Gates


Mama June Dumb and Dumber To

(HuffPost Live)

“Mama” June Shannon has a cameo appearance in Dumb and Dumber To, and star Jeff Daniels says the scene has not been cut, even though Shannon’s decision to date the convicted child molester who abused her daughter has led to enormous controversy and the cancellation of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.”

Speaking with HuffPost Live, the actor says of the delicate situation, “No one called me about making an edit. She was in the scene at the premiere I saw, so apparently, she’s still in it. Hope whatever’s going on, she works it out. She was a nice gal for that morning [that they shot the scene].” He adds, “I couldn’t care less. I shoot the movie. It’s part of being an actor. You give them the movie, it goes to the edit room, and you’re done.”

“I don’t worry about it, other people are paid to worry about those things,” he explains. “I show up. If it’s in, it’s in. If it’s not, it’s not.” As there’s been no announcement from the studio about taking Shannon out of the movie in the wake of her morally dubious romantic decisions, we are left to believe she’s still in Dumb and Dumber To. Shannon has horrified her fans and family, and finds herself under investigation by child services, after resuming her relationship with Mark McDaniel, who sexually assaulted Shannon’s then-8-year-old daughter Anna before a prison term. What do you think about the decision to keep Shannon in the movie?

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