Jersey Shore Creators to Launch Mama Drama; Show Puts Partying, Youth-Crazed Moms in House with Daughters


By Daniel Gates


Prepare yourselves. The people who gave the world “Jersey Shore” have a new show about to hit the air, and it might raise even more eyebrows than their guidos-and-guidettes smash hit.

“Mama Drama,” from SallyAnn Salsano‘s 495 Productions, also features a group of people living together in a house – but this time, it’s daughters and the youth-obsessed moms who live vicariously through them.

The “docu-series,” as it’s being called, debuts on VH1 on January 1, 2012. The moms are described as “women who refuse to grow up and prefer to be their daughters’ best friends.” Or, as VH1’s statement puts it, these ladies represent the so-called “15/50” mentality: “they have the body of a grown woman but want to act as if they are fifteen.”

“They love to party, play and, in their own ways, even parent a little,” according the press release. And will there be conflict? You bet! The statement explains, “There will be no host to guide them, no therapist to heal them, just five sets of wildly different women trying to work out their issues under the same roof. Whether they’re bonding, fighting or just partying, they’re bound to learn something… whether they like it or not.”

The mom-and-daughter pairs “put their relationships on the line as they figure out if being BFFs really is the best for everyone or just a recipe for total disaster.” It sounds like it will manage to combine two of America’s greatest reality TV obsessions: middle-aged women screaming at each other and young women screaming at each other!

Do you think the show will become a big phenomenon? Will you be checking it out? Before you answer, consider that less than two years ago, no one knew what a Snooki was.

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