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Mag Unfairly Attacks “Shy” Kristen Stewart for Not Smiling Enough

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By Daniel Gates

Kristen StewartSmiling


Heat Magazine has three problems when it comes to Twilight stars.

1. Originality

2. Accuracy

3. Photography

You’ll recall that the tabloid once printed an “exclusive” snapshot of Robert Pattinson asleep on the Tube in London.

Pattinson was in Canada at the time.

Now comes a Heat hit piece on Kristen Stewart.

“Shy Kristen’s Fame ‘Nightmare'” screams the headline.

It seems “the stress of constantly being in the spotlight is turning her into a sullen and distant figure,” according to the tabloid. While in the UK to accept various honors in February, Stewart “looked miserable and embarrassed” one night, “detached” the next, reports Heat.

“It’s a shame that someone as talented and popular as Kristen finds her success such a nightmare to deal with,” murmurs the mag. “A smile really wouldn’t hurt, would it?”

The evidence? A headshot of Stewart looking… um, nonchalant? Regardless, Heat fails to mention when and where it was snapped.

(We’re guessing the Tube – ha!)

Attacks on Stewart for having the audacity to be “shy” are nothing new. In the past it’s been equated with being a “snobby” and “miserable” outcast. Or, when she supports a charity, sites take cheap jabs and say she “left all her angst at home.”

Anyway, thought Heat might want to take a look at the photo above. It’s Stewart living the “nightmare.”


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