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Mag Tries to Sell Old Megan Fox Sex Quotes as New

By Daniel Gates


(Harper's Bazaar UK)

Harper’s Bazaar UK caused a HUGE stir this week by releasing comments Megan Fox purportedly gave to the magazine about her sex life.

Fox revealed that she’s had only two male sex partners.

“I can never have sex with someone that I don’t love, ever. The idea makes me sick,” Fox supposedly told the British edition of Harper’s Bazaar. “I’ve never even come close to having a one-night stand.”

Not surprisingly, the remarks were then printed everywhere.

Except Fox never said those things to Harper’s Bazaar UK.

She said them to Rolling Stone.

Several months ago.

Here are Fox’s remarks from Rolling Stone‘s cover interview back in September:

“Look, I can never have sex with someone that I don’t love, ever, ever, ever. The idea makes me sick. I’ve never even come close to having a one-night stand.

Harper’s Bazaar UK is busted.

A rep for the actress told Gossip Cop the mag’s interview was supposed to focus on fashion to coincide with Fox becoming the new face of Armani.

Apparently, though, Harper’s Bazaar UK decided to generate interest by lifting old quotes about Fox’s sex life and selling them as major new revelations.

“These are old quotes that have been said before,” the rep tells Gossip Cop, calling it “suspicious.”

Gossip Cop‘s requests for comment from Harper’s Bazaar UK were not returned.

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