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Mag Continues Classless Campaign Against Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

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By Daniel Gates



Last month, Life & Style announced that the marriage of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott was in “crisis,” and beginning to “crumble.”

Of course, it was actually the magazine’s claims that crumbled under scrutiny.

Not content to be wrong just once, however, or to let a happy couple with young children live their lives, the tab launches a new attack on Spelling and McDermott today, alleging that they’re only “together for the money.”

“They have problems,” reports a Life & Style “insider.” “Tori loves him, but things get bad.”

But a breakup isn’t an option, explains the mag, because Spelling and McDermott “can’t afford it!” “Neither Tori nor Dean has much money,” claims the “insider,” so they stay together as a seemingly “perfect Hollywood family” to remain “sought after and marketable.”

The tab argues that Spelling will remain in the marriage “even if she’s unhappy” and will attend events to promote their reality series “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” and “sell her family as a brand.”

Gossip Cop smells what Life & Style is “selling” here, and it stinks.

The last time the magazine wrongly insisted the Spelling-McDermott marriage had started to “crumble,” it didn’t.

So now the tabloid tries to cover its tracks by saying the couple will stay together… but only for the sake of money.

Did Life & Style ever consider that maybe — just maybe — Spelling and McDermott love each other and have a pressure-packed but stable marriage?

A rep for Spelling calls the latest Life & Style swipe “ridiculous.”

“They are a married couple,” the rep tells Gossip Cop, “And like many married couples have things they work through,” but the notion that the marriage is only a cheap marketing gimmick is patently “untrue.”

We eagerly await the magazine’s next classless “update” on Spelling and McDermott.

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