Madonna NOT Trying To Get Sean Penn Back, Despite Report

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Madonna Sean Penn

By Daniel Gates


Madonna Sean Penn

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Madonna does NOT want Sean Penn back, despite a ridiculous new report from the National Enquirer. Gossip Cop can exclusively but the story, which alleges that Madonna has called Penn the “love of her life” and is “determined to get him back.”

According to the Enquirer, Madonna is “texting and calling the Oscar winner non-stop in a bid to squeeze out his current love, Charlize Theron.” A so-called “friend” explains to the outlet, “Madonna told me she has everything she wants, but she needs a soul mate. She says Sean is her soul mate.”

“Madonna thinks Sean has ‘matured’ as a person, and that he’d be able to handle a mature relationship,” continues this random person the Enquirer is calling Madonna’s “friend.” The tabloid’s source adds, “He’s never left her heart, and she says she needs to get him back before it’s too late.”

The Enquirer is the same publication so out of the loop on all things Madonna, it once claimed she was going to bring “five identical clones” to act as decoys on her world tour. Earlier this year, the Enquirer falsely claimed she was shipping her son Rocco off to military school. This is not an outlet to be trusted when it comes to Madonna. A rep for the star tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the latest report is “fantastically inaccurate.”

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