CLAIM: Madonna Was “Mean Girl” to Gwyneth Paltrow at Met Gala

Truth rating: 2

By Michael Lewittes



Madonna Snubs Gwyneth,” reads the headline of an Us Weekly story that claims “The Material Girl is a mean girl” who “went out of her way to make ex-friend Gwyneth Paltrow miserable at the May 6 Met gala in NYC.”

According to the magazine, Madonna first gave the Oscar-winning actress the “cold shoulder” and then “buddied up” to Paltrow’s pal Beyonce at the fashion event. “She chatted with Beyonce for most of the evening and didn’t even glance at Gwyneth,” a source tells the tab. Us Weekly notes that Paltrow “dropped” Madonna as a friend a few years ago, and “now Madonna will do anything to make her suffer.”

OK, while it’s true the two women are no longer friends, a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop there wasn’t any “huge snubbing involved.” “They just avoid one another” these days, adds our insider. As for the claim that Madonna “buddied up” to Beyonce to tick off Paltrow, the singer’s rep explains the two women were simply talking to each other because they were “seated at the same table.” Even though there was no drama with Madonna, Paltrow still didn’t have a good time at the Met gala, she say, because “it was boiling… too crowded.”

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