Madonna’s Homeless Brother Says She’s a “B***h”; Family Wouldn’t Care If He Died


By Michael Lewittes


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A week after it emerged that Madonna’s brother, Anthony Ciccone was homeless and living on the streets under a bridge in Traverse City, Michigan, now her older sibling is speaking out.

Anthony, who lost his job a year and a half ago at his father’s Suttons Bay winery that was funded by Madonna, now says, “I’m a zero in their eyes; a non-person, an embarrassment… If I froze to death, my family probably wouldn’t know or care about it for six months.”

And while it may seem heartless that a multimillionaire like Madonna has no contact with her brother, the fact of the matter is Anthony’s a drunk — and doesn’t seem to care about getting help. Six years ago, Madonna paid for Anthony’s two-month stint in a Houston rehab facility, but he’s still not willing to change his drinking ways.

‘My family seem to think rehab is some kind of magic panacea for life’s ills,” Anthony tells U.K.’s Daily Mail in between drinks of cheap wine. In 1993 Anthony, who’s had a string of jobs including tuning pianos in Michigan, canning salmon in Alaska, and scouting film locations in New York, fathered a son he hasn’t seen in more than a decade, all thanks to his alcoholism.

While certainly not an excuse to be a drunk, Anthony says it’s a “burden” being Madonna’s brother. “People have their ideas and expectations. My sister’s a multi-millionaire — but she earned it, I have to give her credit for that. But you’d think there’d be some more family loyalty, and that’s not the case,” claims Anthony.

He adds that as children “we hated each other — sibling rivalry… She was a b***h, just like she is now. She remains true to form. You have to give her credit for consistency.” Or maybe Madonna and her family have tried their best to help an alcoholic family member who’s unable to be saved because he’s so completely in denial. What do you think?

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