Madonna: France, Rest Of Europe “Feels Like Nazi Germany” With Rising Intolerance

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Madonna France Nazi Germany

By Daniel Gates


Madonna France Nazi Germany

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Madonna compares modern France and other European countries to Nazi Germany in a new interview about intolerance in the region. The pop star’s comments aired on Friday as part of a chat with the French radio station Europe 1. Listen to some of her remarks below.

The singer is quoted as saying the xenophobia and anti-Semitism currently rising across the continent “feels like Nazi Germany.” She particularly laments France’s decline from a country that once “embraced everyone and encouraged freedom in every way” to a nation featuring a “level of intolerance so enormous it’s scary.”

“We’re living in crazy times,” says Madonna, expressing her belief that “anti-Semitism is at an all-time high” in France, the site of several recent high-profile attacks by Muslim terrorists. Back in 2012, Madonna spoke out against the rise of intolerant sentiments and far-right political parties in the area, including the Marine Le Pen-led National Front in France, which Madonna describes as “fascist.”

Interestingly, Madonna caused a firestorm that same year when she used Nazi imagery, including swastikas and Adolf Hitler, as visual elements during a concert in Israel. While the Nazi-specific section came amid a montage of other images showing war and violence, Madonna’s use of the imagery in Israel sparked backlash.

Hear some of what Madonna says in the clip below, although the translation makes things a bit muddled. Gossip Cop will have better audio shortly. What do you think?

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