Madonna’s Advice For Daughter Lourdes In College: Don’t “Kill All Your Brain Cells” (VIDEO)

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Madonna Today Show

By Daniel Gates


Madonna Today Show


Madonna appeared on Monday’s “Today Show,” where she spoke about the Rebel Heart hacking scandal and her concerns about daughter Lourdes with the teenager’s stint at the University of Michigan underway. Watch the video below.

What advice did the college dropout have for Lourdes? “Try to do everything in moderation,” Madonna told Carson Daly. “Try not to kill all your brain cells. And try to go to class.” She explained that she was “worried” about Lourdes in regular mom ways, concerned that she was eating right and sleeping enough. Don’t expect to see the singer attending any Michigan football games, though. “You think my daughter wants me at a game?” she asked Daly, telling him she’s “not allowed” to go.

As for the hacking of Rebel Heart that last December that forced Madonna to rush out several tracks before she’d intended, the pop star is still furious about the situation, which she sees as an invasion not just of her privacy, but of her art. Madonna described the public being able to hear unfinished songs before she wanted them released “unspeakably embarrassing.”

She and Daly also took shots of tequila in the middle of the interview for some reason. More from their sit-down will be broadcast on Tuesday. Check out the first video below, and tell us what you think.

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