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Mackenzie Phillips reverses “consensual” sex with dad claim on The Joy Behar Show

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By Michael Lewittes



Joy Behar got a HUGE scoop today.

On Behar’s HLN show, airing tonight, Mackenzie Phillips reversed what she had said in her book, “High on Arrival,” about having consensual sex with her father, John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas group.

As you may recall, Phillips claimed in September that, as she faded in and out of consciousness on a drug-fueled night before her wedding to Jeff Sessler, she and her dad had sex, and then afterwards continued for years sleeping together in what she described as a “consensual” sexual relationship.

Now she changed her story, and Behar got the exclusive.

“I’d like to reframe my word, ‘consensual,'” Phillips told Behar.

She explained, “As I was writing the book, I thought, this word, it kept sitting wrong with me, but I used it for lack of a better word, and since then I’ve been schooled by thousands of incest survivors all across the world that there really is no such thing as consensual incest due to the inherent power a parent has over a child… So, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a consensual relationship at this time.”

A source tells Gossip Cop Behar had no idea Phillips would reverse herself on air, but was “excited she got the scoop.”

And a big scoop it is.

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