L’Wren Scott Planned To Close Fashion Line, Friends Were “Deeply Concerned” Before Her Death

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By Shari Weiss

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L’Wren Scott‘s friends were “deeply concerned” about her in the days leading up to her apparent suicide, according to longtime pal Cathy Horyn.

Horyn, a former New York Times fashion critic, pays tribute to the late designer in today’s paper, and reveals Scott had planned to announce the end of her fashion line on Wednesday.

Scott, whose friendship with Horyn dates back to the 1990s, had “an incredible work ethic,” she says, and “there was no job she wasn’t willing to do herself, which became a problem as her company got bigger.”

Horyn writes:

“Like many small designers, she had problems managing her business: cash flow, finding the right managers, getting her goods out of Italian factories on schedule. Two years ago, our friendship was tested when, after hearing her troubles, I told her she should give herself a time limit to resolve matters or get out. Putting her health in jeopardy because of stress was not worth it, I told her.”

Horyn says Scott “didn’t like the advice,” and instead “dug” deeper into her business, with things seeming to improve in November before taking a turn for the worse again last month.

“I was surprised to hear how run down and discouraged she sounded. She spoke of production problems, forcing her to cancel her fall show. Again, I urged her to put her health first,” writes Horyn.

She goes on:

“I sent her text on March 12, checking in. She didn’t reply, but that wasn’t unusual. I learned since her death that she was planning to close her business, with an announcement on Wednesday. Still, as painful as the decision must have been for her, I wouldn’t draw any conclusions from it about her state of mind. Nor should any credence be given to reports of a breakup with Mick. It’s rubbish.”

Horyn reveals, “[Scott] was with friends on Sunday night, and, yes, they were deeply concerned about her, but, no, they didn’t think she would do something so desperate. Not L’Wren.”

“Her death is inexplicable to me, and it makes me angry, too. Angry because it’s the loss of a vital, intelligent woman, and angry because, this once, I don’t want her to be a mystery to me,” concludes Horyn.

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