Lucy Hale On Conan VIDEO: PLL “B*tches” Scandal and Cosmo Sex Cover

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Lucy Hale Conan

By Daniel Gates


Lucy Hale Conan


Lucy Hale keeps stumbling into controversy. On Tuesday’s “Conan,” the actress talked about how the “Pretty Little Liars” gang got into trouble for driving around the studio lot in a golf cart emblazoned with the word “B*TCHES,” and also revealed her father’s squeamishness over Hale’s recent Cosmopolitan magazine cover. Watch the video below!

“Pretty Little Liars” tapes on the same Warner Bros. lot as “Conan,” and the host joked about how he likes to wander around the area, but that it might creep out people if he spends too much time near the “PLL” section. Hale then mentioned the show’s bright-pink, customized golf cart, which landed the “PLL” crew in hot water.

“B*tches” comes up quite a bit on “PLL,” so the cast put the word on the back of the cart. But someone filed a complaint with the human resources department at the studio, so they actually had to censor it.

Meanwhile, Hale’s Cosmo cover led to some discomfort for her father. The actress’ picture looked lovely, but she was surrounded by sex-related headlines that had nothing to do with her article. Hale shared a very sweet text message from her dad, who was proud of her for landing the magazine cover, but not too thrilled about the giant “BEST SEX EVER” next to her face. Watch the videos below, and tell us what you think!

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