James Franco Deserves “Slap,” Says Grandmother Of Teenager Lucy Clode

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By Daniel Gates


The grandmother of the 17-year-old Scottish girl whom James Franco pursued in an online flirtation is not happy about the situation.

Beryl Sussex is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying the actor-director deserves a “slap on the wrist” for his Instagram exchange with her teenage granddaughter Lucy Clode, who met Franco outside his Of Mice And Men production in New York and then posted screenshots of their subsequent chat.

“I think he ought to get a slap on the wrist and I know my son, Lucy’s dad, wouldn’t be afraid to give it to him,” Sussex tells the outlet. She continues, “It shows how little these famous actors know about normal people and how to behave. They’re out of touch with reality.”

Sussex goes on to say, “Lucy isn’t even 18. It’s bad enough a man of his age is approaching her like this, never mind a movie star. I really take exception to this. I don’t know this actor, at my age we don’t keep up to speed, but it’s quite clear his behavior is not on.”

Earlier on Friday, Franco publicly acknowledged the situation and his embarrassment while appearing on “Live! With Kelly and Michael.” Rumors persist that the Clode-Franco flirtation could be a publicity stunt for Palo Alto — his upcoming movie about the seduction of a high schooler — although such theories remain speculation as of now. What do you think?

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