Louis Tomlinson Reacts to The Wanted Diss of One Direction: “So Frustrating”


By Daniel Gates


Louis Tomlinson has more on his mind than One Direction’s upcoming world tour and new album, taking to Twitter to express his frustration after rival boy band The Wanted discussed the groups’ feud in a radio interview.

Earlier this week, The Wanted singer Jay McGuiness told an Australian morning show of the beef, “You hear comments in interviews, and they wind you up and vice versa… it’s kind of fake, and then also a few of the lads have wound me up personally.” Bandmate Max George added, “I don’t mind a couple of them… I don’t mind Harry [Styles],” calling him a “top shagger” whose success with women he admires.

McGuiness said of Styles, “I think he’s retained manners and a bit of dignity, [but] some of them when they mouth off, it really gets under my skin. Because it riles up loads of 14-year-old girls, [and] there’s no need for that,” said McGuiness.

On Saturday, Tomlinson seemed to respond, although he did not mention McGuiness or The Wanted by name. The One Direction performer tweeted, “So frustrating when people talk the talk in the press but when it comes down to it not a word is said face to face!”

Of course, the on-and-off feud between the groups has erupted on social media in the past. Stay tuned.

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