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Lorde: Why I Want People to Stop Hearing My Music on the Radio “All The Time”

Truth rating: 10

By Shari Weiss


Lorde and her signature mane cover V magazine’s March 2014 music issue. After a breakout year that led to two huge Grammy wins, the 17-year-old singer admits, “I want to let people stop hearing Lorde on the radio all the time, because it’s kind of crazy at the moment.” “I’d like to give people a little bit of breathing room before I unleash something different,” explains the New Zealand-born star.

Lorde further tells the magazine she’s reluctant to be labeled the “voice of a generation.” She quips, “I’m sure so many people will read that and be like, F*ck off!”

The singer, who has surprised many with her maturity, reveals, “I’ve always hung out with people older than me, with my parents’ friends, because I appreciated the conversation.” “And even now, although I have heaps of friends in high school, I also hang out with a lot of older people,” says Lorde. “And sometimes with them I’m like, ‘God, this is boring!'” She adds, “But it means that I get to have these stimulating encounters with people that I idolize, which is cool.” Lorde’s full interview hits newsstands on February 27.


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