Liza Minnelli NOT Dying, Despite Awful National Enquirer Cover Story

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By Daniel Gates

(National Enquirer)

Liza Minnelli is dying, says the National Enquirer in a grossly sensationalized and completely false cover story. The tabloid, which frequently claims celebrities are near death and then looks foolish, insists that “alcohol and drug abuse are killing” Minnelli.

According to the Enquirer, “despite suffering a secret collapse during a recent trip to Los Angeles,” the entertainer is determined to tour, “and worried pals fear it will kill her!” “I wouldn’t be surprised if she dropped dead onstage,” a so-called “friend” tells the magazine.

So, what about this supposed “collapse”?

The Enquirer has no details — just a vague assertion that Minnelli collapsed sometime between the SAG Awards on January 18 and her subsequent appearance at LAX airport to fly back to New York. This is all based on the fact that she was in a wheelchair at the airport. That’s pretty much it. “After the collapse that put her in a wheelchair, there are fears that she could die soon,” claims the so-called “friend.”

And what about the “alcohol and drug abuse”? It turns out the Enquirer is apparently referring to Minnelli’s past substance use, which it doesn’t detail and doesn’t even claim is ongoing. The magazine instead gets some random doctor who’s never treated the star to say that her “unhealthy lifestyle factors increase her risk for certain cancers, heart disease, diabetes and premature death.” In other words, the Enquirer has no clue whether Minnelli is actually ill, or what disease she may have, so it just speculates blindly.

The point is: Liza Minnelli is NOT near death, despite what the Enquirer wants everyone to believe. A rep for the performer tells Gossip Cop the story is “false” and says Minnelli is “completely fine.” The Enquirer has been down this “months to live” road before — and it should really stop.

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