VIRAL VIDEO: Little Girl Yells “F*CK YOU!” Over and Over At Christmas

Truth rating: 10
Little Girl Swearing Christmas

By Daniel Gates


Little Girl Swearing Christmas


Nothing warmed our hearts more this holiday season than an adorable little girl named Harper screaming “F*ck you!” over and over as her family got ready for Christmas. The video of her unexpected barrage of expletives has gone viral, and you can watch it below.

We open on a peaceful scene, with Harper’s loving dad chatting to her about the holiday. Does Harper love Christmas? “Yeah.” Does she love Santa Claus? “Yeah.” “Who do you love the most, Santa Claus or mommy?” Oh, boy.

“F*CK YOU!” yells Harper, repeatedly and gleefully. We hear her mom scold her. We hear her dad laugh. But nothing can stop the pint-sized provocateur from continuing to shout the obscenity.

Her father asks, “Why is it as soon as the camera went on, she started cussing?” That’s an excellent question. Is there a chance the whole F-bomb barrage was planned by Harper’s parents? Should we be at least a tiny bit skeptical of any seemingly spontaneous cute kid YouTube video? Yes and yes.

But is seeing an adorable little girl shrieking, “F*ck you!” over and over a home run for American freedom in the face of North Korean oppression? Yes, it is! Either that, or really bad parenting. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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