VIRAL VIDEO: Little Girl Dances On New York Subway Platform, Delighting World

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Little Girl Dancing Subway

By Daniel Gates


Little Girl Dancing Subway


A new viral video shows a little girl dancing jubilantly on a Brooklyn subway platform, delighting fellow commuters and generally bringing more joy to the planet. The action happened recently at the Bedford Ave. stop in Williamsburg, where musicians named Coyote & Crow were entertaining the crowd.

During a performance of “Me and My Uncle,” a song popularized by the Grateful Dead, an unnamed girl in a pink jacket starts adorably dancing to the music, amusing the adults around her. Eventually, some of them join in. It’s a lovely moment of unfiltered, unplanned public merriment. Given how brutal the news has been in recent weeks, it’s a nice respite.

The New York subway system can be a depressing place, especially if Nick Jonas isn’t there to liven up the platform, and if Mariah Carey isn’t there wearing a glamorous gown. Often, most people are irritable and cranky and ignore the musicians. Gossip Cop is glad to see this little girl brightening the mood. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!

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