Little Boy Performs Dirty Dancing Final Dance Perfectly – WATCH VIDEO!

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Little Boy Dirty Dancing video

By Michael Lewittes


Little Boy Dirty Dancing video


Charlie is an 8-year-old boy from Tennessee, and he loves the movie Dirty Dancing so much, he’s learned every move Patrick Swayze does with Jennifer Grey in the film’s final routine. The spins, the leaps, the swiveling hip work — this kid has it nailed. And he clearly loves nothing more than dancing with the epic scene playing in the background.

The little boy has reportedly seen Dirty Dancing a dozen times. His interest in dancing began after Michael Jackson died, and he started checking out the King of Pop’s music videos, such as the one for “Thriller.” And Charlie hasn’t stopped dancing since.

Nobody puts Charlie in the corner.

Check out Charlie perfectly recreating Swayze’s dance moves from Dirty Dancing, and tell us what you think.

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