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Listen Up! Recycled Robert Pattinson Rumors Get Tossed

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By Daniel Gates


Environmentalists should be really pleased with some gossip sites — they do an awful lot of recycling.

And no one gets the deja vu treatment more than Robert Pattinson.

His relationship with Kristen Stewart “may have all been a scam,” one rumor mill proposes.


“Because Robert is in love with an ex girlfriend who is also a British model named Kelly Blakewell.”


Has a single outlet actually produced evidence — even weak evidence — that Pattinson is secretly dating Blakewell? A single piece of actual information since this nonsense first surfaced?

Nope. The “new” story cites Showbiz Spy, which last week referenced a random, barely readable fan site where the rumor Gossip Cop already busted had originated.

Since then, nothing factual or reality-based has given the story any credibility. Just repetition.

“Is Robert and Kristens (sic) Relationship A Joke?” asks the recycler.

No, but this “reporting” is.

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Another story hitting our inbox today talks about how Pattinson needs someone to “feed” him his lines given his supposedly poor short-term memory. According to the item, he tries to practice “but in the end he still needs a little help.”

The outlet uses Pattinson’s reported difficulty with learning lines to segue into… (surprise!)… faux news about his relationship with Stewart. He and his co-star “have been linked romantically,” but the actor “still won’t completely spill.”

“I think most people like to have a secret with a girl or boyfriend,” Pattinson is quoted as saying. “It keeps things exciting.”

Gossip Cop wonders who “feeds” old lines to this site.

Because Pattinson said those words… MONTHS ago… about his character in The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

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Pattinson and Stewart have a lot of projects on the horizon. Hopefully sites will start reporting more about (abundant) professional news instead of reprinting anonymous, discredited junk about secret girlfriends or cannibalizing previous interviews to take quotes out of context.

Throwing garbage into the landfill where it belongs might not be good for the planet, but it’ll warm Gossip Cop‘s heart.


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