Ashton Kutcher “Caught In Bed” With Woman, Says Misleading Star Cover Story

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Linn Massinger Ashton Kutcher

By Daniel Gates

Linn Massinger Ashton Kutcher


Ashton Kutcher is the subject of a grossly misleading Star cover story claiming he was “caught in bed with another woman.” Gossip Cop can bust this rumor of an alleged “sexy romp” behind Mila Kunis’ back. For starters, Star’s cover fails to tell readers that Kutcher’s supposed rendezvous with Linn Massinger occurred more than two years ago, in June 2012, during a period when his relationship with Kunis remained very much on-and-off.

Star details Kutcher and Massinger’s supposed evening together, which allegedly occurred after they “crossed paths” at a Los Angeles bar. Kutcher is said to have hit on Massinger, inviting her and an unidentified friend to go back to his home in the Hollywood Hills, where there were other guests. A so-called “source” alleges that Kutcher wound up leading Massinger to his bedroom, where they kissed and eventually had oral sex before falling asleep. It’s not clear whether Star’s “source” was hiding under the bed when this all happened or maybe behind a curtain.

Of course, Star sources have previously landed the magazine in hot water with bogus Kutcher cheating stories. In 2010, Kutcher’s lawyer struck back against the tabloid’s “lies” regarding an alleged affair with a woman named Brittney Jones. In 2013, Star published fact-free speculation that he was having an affair with an unidentified woman, based on guesswork by Sara Leal, a former fling who hadn’t seen him in two years. More recently, in June, Star made up a story about Kunis having secret contact with ex-boyfriend Macaulay Culkin because Kutcher was allegedly driving her crazy. Last March, Star falsely claimed the couple was fighting over a prenup. And the reporting missteps go on and on.

In this week’s issue, Star publishes a photo that appears to show Kutcher laying on a bed, fully clothed, with a woman who could be Massinger. But again: all of this supposedly happened in early June 2012. Kutcher and Kunis did not begin dating until more than a month later. A rep for Kutcher has denied that he and Massinger ever had a fling. But what’s most important here is that Star is trying to trick people into thinking that Kutcher was recently caught having sex behind the back of Kunis, with whom he just had a baby. It’s manipulative, shameless and categorically false.

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