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Lindsay Lohan to Gossip Cop on Boy Buzz: “He’s My Friend”

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By Daniel Gates



While everyone else races through last-minute Christmas shopping, gossip outlets are busy squeezing in some last-minute Lindsay Lohan rumor dropping.

Having (wrongly) claimed last month that Lohan hooked up with Gerard Butler, now reports that Lohan “invited her new boyfriend Adam Senn” to meet her entire family at sister Ali‘s 16th birthday party in New York last night.

Her “new boyfriend” Adam Senn? The star of The City who popped up as a love interest in rumors Lohan already dismissed as “lame BS”?

What kind of scoop did Betty get? Well, the site “caught all the action” at Ali’s party, thanks to an “eyewitness,” who somehow saw a lot transpire between Lohan and Senn… even though the family “celebrated with a dinner for 10 in a private room” of Abe and Arthur’s restaurant.

(Pretty cool that BettyConfidential got a spot at the table! How else would a so-called “eyewitness” get detailed private dinner dish?)

Lo and behold, buzz about Lohan and Senn “heating up for the holidays” soon spread everywhere.

Not that it’s accurate, of course.

This afternoon Lohan Tweeted, “I’m not dating my friend lol, people are nutso.”

We asked Lohan to clarify whether the tales of Senn smooching held any truth whatsoever.

“He is MY FRIEND!” Lohan told Gossip Cop. When we asked again, Lohan insisted, “He’s my friend, silly.”

We’re not sure what Betty’s “eyewitness” saw, but at least we know what Lindsay actually says.


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