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Lindsay Lohan Tells Gossip Cop Latest Model Makeout is Bogus

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By Daniel Gates


From X17, the same site that claimed Lindsay Lohan was punched by Samantha Ronson (um, nope), hooked up with John Mayer (wrong again!), and was “all over” model Petey Wright (whoops!), comes word that she is having “more than just a fling” with a different model, Sam Webb.

The site says Lohan was “spotted” making out with Webb at the Le Baron nightclub in Paris.

A so-called “source” inside the club tells X17, “They were so all over each other it got embarassing (sic) to watch.”

(Funny how X17’s “sources” always use the phrase “all over.” Coincidence?)

“It didn’t look like they had just met and hooked up,” continues the supposed spy. “I got the impression she’s been dating him for a while now.”

Lohan’s been “dating” Webb “for a while” now?


Gossip Cop asked Lohan about the rumored make-out session with Webb, and the actress told us, “Never did I do any such thing,” adding, “He’s been a friend for years.”

Actually, Gossip Cop feels a bit sorry for X17 — the site’s running out of people to link (wrongly) to Lohan.

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