Lindsay Lohan “Sugar Daddy” Story Is “All Lies” (EXCLUSIVE)

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Lindsay Lohan Sugar Daddy

By Daniel Gates


Lindsay Lohan Sugar Daddy

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Lindsay Lohan is NOT on a “sugar daddy search,” despite a new tabloid report.

The tabloid rumor has surfaced as the actress begins the play “Speed-the-Plow” in London. According to Star, Lohan is allegedly using her time there to “hunt down a posh English sugar daddy!”

Oh, really? A so-called “insider” for the outlet says Lohan wants to find a rich man and “doesn’t care how old he is,” because she supposedly “wants to pull an Anna Nicole [Smith].”

Fascinating. Because just two months ago, Star was falsely claiming Lohan had tried to pursue Jude Law’s teenage son.

Look, we know Star has trouble getting sources who actually know what’s going on with Lindsay Lohan, since its reporting has been so horrendous. But the mag could at least try to be consistent when it comes to fake stories about the men Lohan is allegedly pursuing — are they teenagers, or the rich and elderly?

Regarding the latest Star story about the great “sugar daddy” hunt? A rep for Lohan tells Gossip Cop exclusively that it’s “all lies.”

Gossip Cop has said it before, and we’ll say it again. When there’s actual news to report on Lohan’s life, we will have it. Not an outlet like Star.

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