Lindsay Recap: Lohan Confronts Dad, Works With Life Coach to Stop “Self-Pity”

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By Shari Weiss



Part two of the “Lindsay” documentary aired on OWN on Sunday, showing Lindsay Lohan dealing with family issues while working with a life coach and waiting to move into her New York apartment.

As seen on last week’s premiere, the actress made a cross-country move from Los Angeles to Manhattan in hopes of making a fresh start while maintaining her sobriety, but had trouble finding a suitable apartment that didn’t have strings attached.

Forty-seven days after rehab and more than a month of living in a hotel, Lohan found a place she liked — but ran into trouble when the documentary production company, Pilgrim Studios, was hesitant to put up the deposit money as promised.

The starlet, who allegedly wouldn’t agree to a regular shooting schedule, was told by director Amy Rice that she needed to communicate with them better about filming in order to ease their doubts about her commitment to the project.

Lohan rejected the insinuations, crying out, “You can’t pull that sh*t with me anymore… Until I f*ck up, you can’t assume I am going to.” Sober coach Michael Cormier explained to the camera, “When Lindsay feels like she has been tricked… it’s really intensely triggering for her.

The star’s mood only worsened during a lunch with her dad Michael, who said “it’s amazing” to see Lohan in the best place she’s been in “in eight years.” But things turned sour as they discussed going in together on a car together for her brother Cody, and Michael said he was strapped from spending too much money on child support.

“I don’t want to talk about your other two random f*cking kids,” Lohan said cutting him off, and referring to the daughter he secretly had out of wedlock and the son he had last year with Kate Major. She told the camera, “My dad has a whole ‘nother life that he lives with these other people that he’s created that I don’t want to be a part of my life.”

After Michael asked about then-beau Matt Nordgren, the conversation devolved into an argument over past people in Lohan’s life, and she lashed out at him being disrespectful, saying, “Now you’re getting me angry, because you weren’t good for me for a long time in my life.” The father-daughter duo went on to spar over Michael being MIA from the family for years, with him blaming ex-wife Dina for that.

Lohan later reflected that it’s an “every-day thing” learning to trust her dad, but the difference now is “we can talk about” our problems, and “it’s nice, it’s good.” A day prior, Lohan’s mom Dina was arrested for DUI, and she later told the camera that the incident was “out of character for her,” and she’s “ashamed,” but “doing well.” “It’s really unfortunate, but I’ve been there…,” she said. “It’s not a fun place to be, so I just want to be there to support her as much as I can.”

During a meeting with A.J. Johnson, a celebrity fitness trainer and life coach, the health professional sought to show Lohan how to improve her life, and the pair later set out for a day together but found themselves in a paparazzi chase.

After making a deal with the paps to snap her pic and then leave, she had a serious chat with Johnson about how important promise-keeping is to her, something that stems from her troubled relationship with her father, and said she’s “always been the adult child,” helping to take care of her siblings.

“I’ve known if something is the wrong choice, but I do it anyway,” Lohan confessed, before admitting to the camera that she only recently had “awakening moment” about how she would self-sabotage whenever things started going well. The former child star said she needs “to get back to the root of what got me to the sober place that I’m in.” “I haven’t found my routine yet, but it’s something that I do want to achieve,” Lohan said, wondering if she’s “not ready yet,” and believing everything would “fall into place” because it’s a “process” and no longer about “instant gratification.”

On day 49, Lohan was finally granted access to her apartment. “It was such a relief, getting the keys. I was so grateful to just finally be in and have a place I could come home to,” she told the camera. She added later, “I noticed [without] my apartment I started to sink back in to my old self-pity in a way, and I let that stress me out… It really is one step, one day at a time. It sounds so cliché, but until you’re actually living it, you realize just how true it actually is.”

Next week, Lohan clashes with her assistant, allegedly bails on filming, and has a serious, tearful talk with Oprah about the future of the documentary.

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