Lindsay Recap: Oprah Tells Lohan to “Cut the Bullsh*t” After Big Filming Problems

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By Shari Weiss



The drama on “Lindsay” ramped up on Sunday’s third episode, leaving Lindsay Lohan in tears as she had a serious talk with Oprah Winfrey.

After finally moving into an apartment during last week’s part two, Lohan was 56 days out of rehab and determined to get settled. Sober coach Michael Cormier said, “I’m just trying to do the best I can to ritualize her day a little bit in this newly-chaotic period, and that has been not easy.”

“The truth is, all this chaos is terrible for recovery,” he added, stressing that big changes such as moving aren’t recommended for newly-sober people. Assistant Matt Harrell found himself frustrated that Lohan’s promised twice-daily 5-minute meetings weren’t happening lately, and the actress was relying on a new, female assistant to help her unpack.

“It wasn’t an FU to Matt at all, and came off to be, because Matt and I weren’t communicating,” she acknowledged. Harrell aired his grievances to Lohan’s dad Michael, who also came to help with the transition, revealing that he may quit if he and the star don’t work out their differences soon.

The next day, documentary director Amy Rice was dismayed Lohan was putting off shooting (and had allegedly already been late 7 of 12 filming days), saying she needed a day for herself to work with Cormier and get organized. “I just get random texts with all these random demands,” complained the filmmaker, as Cormier wondered if Lohan was back to her self-sabotaging ways.

The crew was finally invited up, and the issues between Lohan and Harrell came to a head, with the pair arguing over whether he’s done the things she’s asked. Harrell complained that the problems were the results of not getting to talk, but Lohan snapped back, “Today wasn’t about you needing time, it was about me needing time.”

“And all due respect, and not to be nasty, I feel like this is a role reversal and I’m working for you,” she said, adding, “I can’t be present for you if I can’t be present for myself.” Lohan went on to accuse Harrell of having his own personal issues that he was “projecting” on her, and he later told the camera that the actress was just using the opportunity to let out steam on camera.

The following day, Lohan opened up to life coach A.J. Johnson about her issues with the documentary process. “This was supposed to be something real and gritty and cool and normal,” she said. “I don’t want all the negative sh*t that’s going on and the stress that might show through on camera because that’s not fair, because that’s all [viewers] will see.”

Calling her recovery process “sacred,” Lohan explained, “I feel between the [OWN] network and the [documentary producers] there’s a disconnect. One side wants the drama and the other side [doesn’t] and that’s the Oprah side and that’s what I signed up for.” The starlet said the Kardashians are a great example of a family that handles the cameras’ presence well in the most personal moments, but “I don’t ever want to be that.”

“I thought I could handle it more, and I can’t, in terms of coming straight out of treatment and starting a show right away,” admitted Lohan, noting, “I’m feeling a little bit like I’m slipping… Nothing is more important than my sobriety and being happy and feeling the way I felt two months ago when I started with this.”

“I will never do something like this again,” she added, saying that the experience thus far is making her look bad despite her best efforts, in part because the producers don’t understand her personal struggles and why they make her pull back.

Oprah came to town for a “scheduled check-in” with Lohan at her mom’s house, and found out during the ride there all of the production company’s complaints. “Who can do any work if the person doesn’t show up?” exclaimed the former talk show maven, confessing, “I’m perfectly fine with letting the whole thing go. ‘Cause I’m not interested in putting something on half-assed.” Oprah added, “This is exactly what everyone said was going to happen, and I believed differently… I think what’s missing is she doesn’t understand, this is your life.”

During their sit-down, Lohan immediately admitted that she’s “stressed,” and Oprah asked for her side of the story. “If you’re not ready, I’m really okay with that,” Oprah told her. “My truth is I really do want you to win. If that isn’t what you want, I’m okay with that. I will tell these guys to pack up and leave today.” She added, “I feel first and foremost, your life, and where you are in life, that’s the most important thing.”

Lohan replied, “It’s not that I’m not ready… It’s been hard for me to get accustomed to filming a documentary,” but Oprah pointed out that, as an actress, she should understand the ramification of changing shooting schedules. “It’s weird to film things that are going on… I’m learning how to deal with life in a different light than I have before,” said Lohan, noting, “My main objective is to maintain my sobriety.”

After confirming she’s still sober, Oprah commended her for the achievement, and Lohan erupted in tears. “There have been times where there’s been that weird thought about [using],” she went on to admit, saying she knows that one drink will lead to her downfall. “To throw everything away is just not something I’m willing to do.”

Lohan disputed reports that she’s been spotted at late-night venues, and Oprah reminded her that there are “masses of people who do want you to win.” “You need to focus on that and not on the naysayers and the haters… The vultures are waiting to pick your bones,” she warned, saying that should “liberate,” and not “frighten,” her. “If I was you, I wouldn’t let them have me. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction,” said Oprah, encouraging her to “relax” and focus on “spiritual” work.

The TV personality said the point of the series is to show that someone can bounce back, but they don’t have all the answers right away. “You’re not going to be f*cking up,” Oprah told her, adding pointedly, “You need to cut the bullsh*t. You really do.” She went on, “What I feel deeply and profoundly is that you don’t just have head intelligence, you have heart intelligence. Good things are going to come from you if you don’t continue to block them.” “I can’t be there for you if I can’t trust you,” added Oprah. Next week, Lohan struggles with sobriety as she tries to get her career back on track.

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