TAB: Lindsay Lohan Hired Psychic to Communicate With Elizabeth Taylor Spirit

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By Michael Lewittes


The National Enquirer reports that Lindsay Lohan is “dead certain her TV movie ‘Liz & Dick’ will catapult her back to superstardom” because Elizabeth Taylorpersonally promised it!”

Say what?!

A supposed “source” on the film set says that after landing the part in the Lifetime biopic, Lohan “hired a psychic to contact Liz and ask for tips on how to portray her.”

The tab’s “insider” claims that the psychic told Lohan “it would be easier to make contact at the seance if she could bring an item that had actually belonged to the superstar,” so Lohan managed to get hold of an old hairbrush that Taylor had once owned.

(Of course! Why didn’t we think of that?)

Anyway, according to the mag’s alleged source, “Lindsay brought the brush to the seance, and said that just moments after the medium closed her eyes, the room grew very cold!”


The insider goes on to reveal that Taylor’s spirit then supposedly “entered the room,” and the psychic “communicated with Liz — who insisted she was very pleased Lindsay had been chosen to portray her.”

But that’s not all.

Taylor’s spirit also “promised the project would definitely relaunch her career.”


That’s some deep stuff right there.

Of course, it’s all complete b.s.

And while Lohan will likely shine in the upcoming Lifetime film, her rep laughed off the bogus tale, telling Gossip Cop the alleged incident NEVER happened, adding with tongue-in-cheek, “God love the National Enquirer!”

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