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Lindsay Lohan on Perez linking her to Leonardo DiCaprio

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By Michael Lewittes




We would say if this blogging thing doesn’t work out for Perez Hilton, he can try his hand at matchmaking… but he’s really not too good at that either.

Perez, who is none too fond of Gossip Cop and our habit of fact-checking, has desperately tried to link Lindsay Lohan to Leonardo DiCaprio.

A little more than a month ago, Perez tried to claim that Lohan was busted leaving DiCaprio’s home late at night when, in reality, she was one of 20 or so FRIENDS at a party in his Hollywood Hills home.

And today, Perez took a sighting of the two of them going to an L.A. party, hosted by San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson, as another telltale sign. He even questioned, “Could Lilo be loving Leo?”

Since Perez never seems to have the answers, we thought we’d help him out.


In fact, when we informed Lohan about Perez’s latest misfire, she told Gossip Cop, “Hahahaha. You couldn’t be more wrong, Perezy.”


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