Lindsay Lohan “Hates” Jennifer Lawrence Because Nicholas Hoult “Rejected” Her?

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By Daniel Gates

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Lindsay Lohan “hates” Jennifer Lawrence because the Oscar winner’s boyfriend Nicholas Hoult “rejected” Lohan four years ago, claims Star.

The tabloid admits that the Kode magazine interview in which Lohan allegedly slammed Lawrence was partially or completely fabricated, but still barrels ahead with its story. Lohan “tried to hook up with [Hoult] back in 2010, but he wouldn’t give her the time of day,” a so-called “insider” tells Star. “She called him nonstop. Finally, he told her to buzz off. Now she’s bitter and taking out her anger on Jen.”

Or maybe Star is “bitter” about recently botching Lohan stories. Of course, Star has tried and failed to stir trouble with Lawrence before, too.

Now the best the tabloid can come up with is a lame rumor, rooted in a debunked interview, that Lohan has secretly hated Lawrence for four years. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the Star report is “completely untrue.”

Star attempted to work two signature tabloid movies here. First, they tried pitting two female stars against each other. Because women, apparently, cannot, ever, get along and simply be two people working on headline. It’s always competition, always a feud. Second, they went with the most popular topic… romance, couples, relationship triangles and the like. Outlets can use the same formulas again and again. But Gossip Cop will keep pointing it out when it adds up to anything less than the truth.

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