Lindsay Lohan Being Advised by Michael Jackson’s Spirit?

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By Daniel Gates



Last month, the National Enquirer, bored by real life, ventured into fantasy with a story about Lindsay Lohan summoning the late Elizabeth Taylor’s spirit to help her with tips on how to portray Taylor in “Liz & Dick.”

It was a total fabrication.

Well, now the Enquirer is doubling down with an item linking Lohan to a second alleged deceased celeb advisor.

The tabloid claims Lohan is “telling pals that Michael Jackson, Liz’s longtime confidant, is also sending her life advice from the afterlife!”


Seriously, Enquirer?

An “inside source” for the magazine says, “Lindsay now feels Michael’s presence everywhere.”

The Enquirer’s insider explains, “She says it’s really weird, but she’ll suddenly feel a chill — and a Michael Jackson song will start to play! She believes that Liz and Michael are still close in the afterlife, and are now her guiding angels, warning her to stay out of trouble so she can burn bright again in the limelight!”


The Enquirer’s reporting is already so bad it’s scary — there’s no reason for it to resort to ghost stories.

Lohan is not in touch with Taylor’s spirt, and she’s not in touch with Jackson’s.

A source close to the actress tells Gossip Cop the story about her taking advice from the late stars is “laughable.”

We’re not sure whether the Enquirer is getting its tips from this world or the afterlife — but either way, the mag’s dead wrong.

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