Lindsay Lohan Moved to Friend’s Place After News of Living With Mom Leaked?

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By Michael Lewittes


Lindsay Lohan was so ‘humiliated’ after reports broke that due to her dire financial situation she had been forced to live at home with mom, Dina Lohan in Long Island, New York, that she begged a wealthy pal to let her temporarily crash at their New York apartment,” begins a piece by RadarOnline.

According to a so-called “insider” for the webloid, “Lindsay moved back into the family house – taking the same small bedroom next to her mom’s, she had during her teens – because ‘she’s flat-out broke and can’t even afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood.'” “Lindsay was absolutely mortified and humiliated over the reports she was living back at home with Dina,” adds the blog’s supposed “source.”

“She was thoroughly embarrassed that people knew how bad her finances are and exactly how broke she is. She immediately begged a friend to let her crash at their apartment in Soho,” continues the “source.” “It’s only a matter of time though before Lindsay wears out her welcome, as inevitably always happens, because she is a total slob and smokes like a chimney.”

The “source” goes on to say, “She is still trying to get her own place, but she’s totally broke, and has beyond horrible credit — right now, she probably couldn’t even get a library card. Lindsay’s bank accounts are still frozen by the IRS because she owes almost $300k in back taxes.” Stop!

No real person talks that way, or uses in normal conversation such lame Catskills comedian lines as, “Right now, she probably couldn’t even get a library card.” Regardless, even though Lohan does have legitimate financial issues, she was NOT living at home.

The webloid is simply covering for its previously wrong “exclusive” about the “Liz & Dick” star crashing with her mom (see below). The only one who should feel “humiliated,” “embarrassed,” and “mortified” is RadarOnline.

Of course, this is the same site that previously reported Lohan was working as an “escort” (not true), had stolen a bracelet from Elizabeth Taylor (BS), and had Courtney Love as her sobriety coach (Ha!). Still, Gossip Cop also checked in with Lohan’s — which the blog could have done as well — and we’re told, “The entire story is false. Lindsay never lived back with her mom back in New York.”


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