Lindsay Lohan Rejected By Jude Law’s Teenage Son?

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By Daniel Gates


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Lindsay Lohan tried to hit on Jude Law’s 17-year-old model son Rafferty at a London Fashion Week event and got “shot down,” alleges Star.

According to the magazine’s spy, “Rafferty wanted nothing to do with her. Lindsay tried and tried to meet him or get his number, but Raf completely ignored her.”

“He thought she was supercreepy, since she’s 10 years older — and she’s hooked up with his dad!” continues the Star source.

Uh-huh. Look, we know Star has trouble getting sources who actually know what’s going on with Lindsay Lohan, since its reporting has been so horrendus.

And we know there tends to be a habit among media to invent the craziest stories possible about Lohan, because lots of people will believe it. But this report is simply NOT TRUE.

It’s “ludicrous,” a source close to Lohan tells Gossip Cop.

Lohan has been wrongly linked to various men of all ages countless times. In fact, her last serious relationship was actually her on-and-off romance with Samantha Ronson. Because of that, it’s pretty convenient for a tabloid to claim Lohan had the hots for someone and was rejected.

Who’s going to prove them wrong, right? Uh, wrong. Gossip Cop will, and does, each and ever time. For accurate news about Lohan’s personal and professional lives, stick with us.

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