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Lindsay Lohan “Jealousy” Plot Perez Sells Doesn’t Jell

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By Daniel Gates



Perez Hilton couldn’t get a story right if we spotted him the letter R-I-G and H. (And probably T, too.)

The bad blogger, who’s so scared of Gossip Cop he’s blocked us – yes, blocked us – on Twitter, recently reported that Lindsay Lohan “feels the need to make her ex a little jealous” and has done so by having “agreed to pose in a new Terry Richardson spread in a French fashion magazine called Purple.”

Well, why would that make Samantha Ronson jealous?

Oh, wait… First, Lohan didn’t do a shoot with Purple, she did it with another magazine, but facts are not that important to Perez.

“Cop Blocker” explains that Lohan is intentionally making Ronson jealous by posing semi-nude with a dude and another woman. According to Perez, the pictures with the guy “won’t do much to bother Ronson, but the shots with another half naked lady certainly will.”

He even quotes a source saying, “Any photos of Lindsay with another girl in a provocative manner will, of course, irk Sam. Lindsay knows what she’s doing when she sets up in those positions. She wants Sam to see.”

This is all quite fascinating, but Gossip Cop spoke directly to Lohan, who wondered, “Why would I want to make someone that I care for jealous? That’s unnecessary and completely untrue!”

That’s a very good point.

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