Lindsay Lohan Hospitalized For Chikungunya Virus After Mosquito Bite

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Lindsay Lohan Mosquito

By Daniel Gates

Lindsay Lohan Mosquito

(Getty Images)

Lindsay Lohan was hospitalized in London with a rare virus after being bitten by a mosquito while vacationing in Bora Bora. She has since been released. The actress is being treated for Chikungunya, her rep has confirmed to Gossip Cop. The illness, which is spread to humans by mosquitos, causes fever and fatigue. It also results in joint pain that can last from weeks to years.

There were reports that Lohan was being kept at King Edward VII’s Hospital, suffering from a high fever and severe joint pain. However, Gossip Cop learned that Lohan is not currently staying at the facility; we’ve heard that her treatment was outpatient. On Wednesday, Lohan tweeted several times about modifying the website for a British youth volunteering project, and made no mention of being ill or currently in a hospital.

The star was in Bora Bora over the holidays before flying to Los Angeles and then London. Shortly before New Year’s, the actress reportedly began experiencing symptoms of Chikungunya. Upon her return to the United Kingdom, her pain became so bad she had trouble walking. There is no specific treatment for the illness, although medication and rest can help reduce symptoms. Gossip Cop will have updates and wishes Lohan well on her recovery.

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