CLAIM: Lindsay Lohan “Packing On Pounds” From “Partying Again”

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Lindsay Lohan Weight Gain

By Shari Weiss

Lindsay Lohan Weight Gain


Lindsay Lohan is neither “packing on pounds” nor boozing it up, despite a wildly sensational new report, which not only alleges the star has gained weight, but also speculates that excess drinking is the reason why. The story, from the pages of In Touch, is both mean-spirited and wholly untrue.

The magazine writes that the actress “doesn’t look like herself these days,” claiming that as recently as November 18, Lohan had a “fuller face (and even sported a double chin).” In Touch quotes a so-called “family source” as saying she’s “blown up.” The supposed snitch goes on, “Everyone thinks it’s because she’s partying again. She goes out all the time.”

In a weak attempt to corroborate its claims, In Touch points to a nutritionist who has NEVER worked with the star but nevertheless speculates that “lifestyle choices are likely the culprit” causing Lohan’s supposed weight gain. The nutritionist says, “Bloating like this is often caused by too much alcohol mixed with lousy food choices.”

It’s actually quite pathetic and rude. The gross tabloid media loves writing poorly substantiated and insulting body stories about not just Lohan, but, as Gossip Cop has pointed out, other stars, including Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Britney Spears, LeAnn Rimes, Kelly Clarkson and many more stars.

The fact is, Lohan looks exactly the same as she has for months, and certainly doesn’t look like she’s “blown up” in the photo above that was posted on Instagram Tuesday, or the one below from November 19, one day after In Touch made its allegations. In any case, a rep for Lohan tells Gossip Cop that the magazine’s claims are “all lies.”

Lindsay Lohan Gaining Weight


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