CLAIM: Lindsay Lohan Could “Barely Stand” After Night of Partying

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By Michael Lewittes



Lindsay Lohan was “barely able to walk” after celebrating the 25th birthday of her pal actor/writer Michael Donegar at the Palihouse hotel, claims RadarOnline.

According to the site, “She was definitely sober when she showed up but as the night went on she got sloppier and sloppier.” Quoting a so-called “eyewitness,” Lohan “ordered two martinis from the waitress, but she said they were for a friend. So the waitress brought them out and handed them to her… Lindsay took them anyway and took a big gulp out of one of them. About 10 minutes later she did a shot of vodka.”

RadarOnline’s unnamed “source” further claims, “A guy sitting on the other side of her poured himself a vodka on the rocks and I saw her take two sips out of it.” The “source adds, “By 2 am, she could barely stand. She was trying to stabilize herself on the chairs. Then she made it over to the curtains and hung on them. The manager saw this and went over and helped her stand up.”

The blog ends its account by saying that Lohan “eventually got outside, and when she got to her Escalade she just collapsed into it.” What’s interesting is that in an L.A. hotspot, where everyone had cellphones, Lohan was photographed for the webloid’s article, and yet no was able to capture on camera any of the juicier tidbits that were mention in the RadarOnline piece. In fact, she’s standing OK in the photo above.

Regardless, Lohan tells exclusively Gossip Cop the RadarOnline story is “such a lie.” Two months ago, RadarOnline similarly wrong reported that Lohan had a fight at the hotspot club Paul & Andre. And just this past week, the blog also incorrectly claimed Lohan was dating Spencer Falls.

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