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Lindsay Lohan on Eve of Possible Arrest Warrant: “It’s all going to be fine”

By Michael Lewittes




Commenting exclusively to Gossip Cop on the eve of her court date and a possible arrest, Lindsay Lohan is nervous but says, “It’s all going to be fine.”

The actress is obligated to be in a Los Angeles court tomorrow for a probation progress report, but is currently stuck in Cannes and unable to return. Among the obstacles: Her passport has gone missing.

“My passport’s been stolen,” Lohan tells Gossip Cop. “It’s clearly an inside person who works with my father that has been set to set me up.”

Regarding Michael Lohan, Lindsay continues, “He’s been threatening me,” though she wouldn’t specify with what.

And while Lohan is scheduled to get another passport tomorrow from the U.S. Embassy, there’s another issue.

“All flights [are] booked,” she tells us.

Lohan feels her problems are “going to be fine” and ultimately resolved, but tells Gossip Cop her current ordeal is “so scary.”

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