Lindsay Lohan: Arabic Mistake Was “Inside Joke”

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Lindsay Lohan Arabic Joke

By Daniel Gates

Lindsay Lohan Arabic Joke


Lindsay Lohan now claims she knew all along that her Arabic mistranslation earlier this week was wrong, and that it was an inside joke. So… take that for what it’s worth.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Lohan was mocked on Tuesday when she posted an Instagram shot of an Arabic phrase that she translated as “You’re beautiful.” But as many Arabic speakers pointed out, the phrase actually meant, “You’re a donkey” or “You’re an ass.” It was adorable, and the Internet had a good laugh.

On Thursday, Lohan posted again on Instagram, insisting she was in on the joke from the start. She wrote, “FYI – The funny thing is – the Arabic photo I posted was an inside joke w/friend to test my Arabic w/out Google translation. So, was already known what it was.” She added, “Other than this – I love @maisonvalentino,” sharing a picture of a fancy handbag (see below).

Commenters seem split on believing whether Lohan’s gaffe was actually intended as a joke. As one skeptic put it, “Back peddle that b*tch.” Another fan wrote, “Ummm yeah ok, love u linds but you never own up to anything!” Meanwhile, does anyone know how to say “handbag” in Arabic?

Lindsay Lohan Handbag


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