Lindsay Lohan Messes Up Arabic Phrase, Accidentally Tells Fans, “You’re An Ass!”

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Lindsay Lohan Donkey

By Daniel Gates


Lindsay Lohan Donkey


Lindsay Lohan meant to send an inspirational Arabic message, but wound up inadvertently insulting everyone. On Tuesday, the actress shared an Instagram picture of a phrase in the foreign language, along with her own translation, “You’re beautiful.” But as a number of Arabic speakers are pointing out, Lohan’s phrase actually translates to, “You’re a donkey.” Or, even more bluntly, “You’re an ass.” Oops. See below.

Most Americans and non-Arabic speakers who saw Lohan’s post probably just assumed it was the harmless, nice message she intended. But the star’s own Instagram commenters began to point out the mistake. One wrote, “Hahah that casually means you’re an ass in Arabic. #classicmixup.” Another person noted, “It is means you’re donkey @lindsaylohan not beautiful.”

Experts chimed in on Twitter, too. Dubai-based reporter Jenan Moussa tweeted a picture of Lohan’s gaffe and wrote, “Next time @lindsaylohan, let me check b4 u post :-) Arabic words don’t mean ‘U are beautiful’ but ‘u are a donkey.'” In other words, it sounds like Lohan needs to find a new Arabic translation app. Unless she intended to call all of her fans donkeys after all? Check out her mistake below.

Lindsay Lohan Arabic


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