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Lindsay Lohan and Gerard Butler rumor is “a lie” she says & Butler’s taking action

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By Michael Lewittes




It was bound to happen. Place Lindsay Lohan and Gerard Butler in the same room (or even in just the same country) –– voila! — you have the perfect tabloid tale since they’re both often the subjects of wrongly reported romance rumors.

And that is precisely what was done by the British papers like the Mirror, the Daily Mail, and a slew of bad bloggers.

The Mirror kicked it all off by claiming that, at the opening of the Mazagan Beach Resort in Morocco, Lohan “was locking lips with gorgeous RocknRolla star Gerard.” The tab alleged they were first “dirty dancing,” and “ended up in a corner snogging [kissing], followed by more dancing and flirting.” Next, reported the tab, “we saw them leaving together.”

Here’s what’s true: They were in Morocco.

Here’s what’s not true: Everything else.

Lohan tells Gossip Cop it’s “such a lie!”

And if that’s not enough, better look out, because a rep for Butler told Gossip Cop, “It is completely untrue and we are taking action against these claims.”

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