Lily Allen On Stillbirth: “Most Unfortunate Thing That Can Ever Happen” (VIDEO)

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Lily Allen Stillbirth

By Daniel Gates


Lily Allen Stillbirth


Lily Allen opens up about her son’s stillbirth in a new interview on “The Jonathan Ross Show.” The singer endured the devastating moment back in 2011. When Ross mentions how difficult it must have been for Allen to go through the tragedy while in the public eye, she replies, “I think it’s difficult for anybody, regardless of what world they live in.”

“What I took home from that experience, even though it was the most unfortunate thing that can ever happen to a person, I was very fortunate in the sense that I have a loving partner that I can go home to and share that experience with,” continues Allen. “There are many women, [with] 17 stillbirths in the U.K. every day, that go home, and they don’t have that support. They have to go home and deal with that on their own.”

The singer added, “Since that I happened, I kind of count my blessings… rather than feeling sorry for myself.” Allen also suffered a miscarriage in 2008, but now has two young daughters with her husband Sam Cooper.

Earlier this week, Allen blasted British tabloid culture for chasing her daughters with paparazzi and then complaining when Allen wouldn’t give the media what it wanted. “I will continue to protect them from all the cynicism and grotesque consumerist misogyny until the day I die,” she tweeted. Watch her “Jonathan Ross” interview below, and tell us what you think.

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